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ICONS BY lucid_passion

&A B O U T;

Welcome to Lemon Paper Icons! This is an icon journal made by me, Sanaz, (lucid_passion), to display my icon works. Feel free to look around and use what icons you wish. Enjoy.

You may watch the community on your friends-list to view updates, since there is a closed membership here.

&R U L E S;

I. If you don’t like my icons, you’re welcome to leave. Constructive criticism is appreciated, though.
II. Do not steal my icons and claim that you created them. I am working very hard on all of my icons. :[ Nobody likes a thief.
III. Don’t be discourteous.
IV. Textless icons =/= bases.
V. Alter my icons if you must wish, but credit me, please.
VI. Credit isn’t necessary (bases are an exception) since I know how annoying it is to get the information and all, but it is appreciated. Credit to lucid_passion
VII. DO. NOT. HOTLINK. If you do, I’ll just go ahead and delete the image from my Photobucket and you’ll all lose it. :D

&C R E D I T S;

To be honest, I haven't the slightest clue as to who to credit. If I have used a brush, base, gradient or any other resource that is yours, tell me so that I can credit you properly. I've gathered so many things over the past few months that I've completely lost track. :[

C R E D I T S;

wonderland__;ohfreckle | ownthesunshine;asya_17;radon;tender_color;aetter;ewanism;arisubox;dearest;colorfilter;sir;unmasked_icons;chained_angel13;fluffypink_lana;jougen_no_tsuki;scarsonchest | lovelytrash.org;ca_pris;77words;grrliz | grrliz_icons;hybrid-genesis.net;propaganda_live;peoplemachines | tokyo.disparue.org;iiokua;rainharbour;RAUVINNE@DA

&A F F I L I A T E;